Terms and conditions “Fair Rent Albania”
General information on renting a “Fair Rent Albania” vehicle.

Driving license Requirements.

  • Driving license valid for at least one year from the renting time of the vehicle.
  • All EU driving licenses and all Latin written driving licenses are accepted.
  • Non-Latin written driving licenses need to be accompanied by an international driving license.

ˣ All driving licenses in: Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin and Cyrillic letters.

  • Each reservation also requires a valid ID of the person who signs the rental agreement with “Fair Rent Albania”
  • A valid driving license is required for any person who will drive the vehicle during the contracted period.
  • Drivers under 25 and over 70 will be charged an additional of 7 euros per day.
  • In case of an accident by an unauthorized person in writing form from “Fair Rent Albania”, the contracted person is responsible for any damage to the vehicle.

Traveling outside the border of the Republic of Albania:

  • International driving license. (Enables “Fair Rent Albania”)
  • International Insurance / Green Card. (Enables “Fair Rent Albania”)

ˣThe value of the green card is determined by destination and duration.

  • International driving license. (Owned by the Renter)
  • In this case, a special guarantee, equivalent to the value insured by Casco insurance in the event of a motor vehicle theft is applied.

Reservation method:

Reservations and cancellation fees:

  • Vehicles will be charged according to the pricelist displayed at: fairrentalbania.com
  • Long-term lease is subject to price negotiation.
  • “Fair” clients will be subject to various “Fair Rent Albania” offers.
  • “Non Fair” costumers will be subject to penalties or refusal to rent a “Fair” vehicle.
  • Cancellations up to 48 hours prior to vehicle pickup will be subject to a one day rental penalty.
  • Cancellations within 48 hours prior to vehicle pickup there will be a three day rental penalty.
  • In the “No-Show” cases there will be a penalty for the entire reservation period.
  • In case of any majeure force no penalty fee will be applied from “Fair Rent Albania”.

Your Rental Fee includes:

  • Mandatory TPL insurance.
  • Very good technical status of the vehicle certified by the technical control agency and temporary services in the concession company.
  • Casco Insurance which covers 70% to 90% of the damages or vehicle value respectively.

ˣIn case of damages that are not covered by insurance the amount is paid in full by the renter.

  • Unlimited mileage rental from 1 to 6 days.

ˣFor over 6 days rental is a negotiable mileage.

  • Your exemption from liability for damages if you are not guilty in the accident.

ˣCertified by a document from the traffic police.

  • Payment of up to 90 % of vehicle damage in the event of an accident even when found guilty.
  • Stand by Assistance 24 hours a day and in the event of a defect caused by the renter in the territory of the Republic of Albania.

Your Rental does not include:

  • Fee for the penalties received by the renter during the rental period.
  • Extra services required by the renter.
  • No services mentioned in the heading: Your Rental includes.

“Fair Rent Albania” insurance includes:

  • Mandatory TPL insurance.
  • Casco damage and theft insurance which provides 70% to 90% of vehicle value.
  • Full Casco 100% insurance can also obtained for “Fair” customers after agreeing on a fee.
  • Damages to third parties and to the “Fair” vehicle under Casco insurance terms, even when the renter is found guilty.
  • Damage caused during the day/night in the parking lot by the value covered by Casco insurance.

“Fair Rent Albania” insurance does not include:

  • Damage to tires and wheels.
  • Damages caused by incorrect or inappropriate fuel use.
  • Injuries committed intentionally / or deliberately.
  • Damage to the vehicle which is considered by the concessionaire to have been caused by use of the vehicle.
  • Damages caused by unauthorized users by “Fair Rend Albania”.
  • Injuries caused by users under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances.
  • International insurance / Green cardboard in case of traveling outside the territory of Albania.
  • Penalty fees due to the incorrect behavior of the Renter with the vehicle on the road.
  • Penalties from participations in city competitions, transportation of dangerous goods or persons, etc.
  • Loss of any object or document owned by “Fair Rent Albania”.
  • No services mentioned in the heading: “Fair Rent Albania” insurance includes.

WARNING: In case of vehicle blocking due to loss of documentation or the necessary tools and documents to circulate, a daily rental fee will be applied for each day that the vehicle will not be in service, but no larger than 600 euros.

ˣ For blocking the vehicle due to incorrect behavior of the renter, the charging continues until the vehicle is taken over by the owner.

The renter must:

  • Drive the vehicle correctly as instructed by the concessionaire.
  • Be responsible for any actions performed with the vehicle during the contracted period.
  • Apply traffic rules to the state where the vehicle will be used.
  • Carefully inspect all instruments on board of the vehicle to ensure its normal operation.
  • Keep the vehicle clean during its use.

The renter is not allowed to:

  • Use the vehicle for the transportation of goods or people over its capacity.
  • Transport illegal goods.
  • Use the vehicle as a taxi service or in illegal activities.
  • Allow in writing unauthorized persons to drive the vehicle.
  • Leave the scene of an accident.

When delivering the vehicle:

  • A verbal note completed by both parties on vehicle damage. ( If any )
  • If possible, they are also verified with photos at the time of delivery of the vehicle.
  • Verification of the necessary documentation for the problem free circulation of the vehicle.
  • Ancillary inventory is located in the vehicle’s cabin.
  • Check the fuel level of the vehicle. (Received and delivered packed full).
  • The vehicle mileage directory will be verified.
  • The renter is provided by the owner with a written authorization for one or more users.
  • The renter will be familiar with the basic operating data of the vehicle.
  • All details are recorded in a contract signed by both parties.

Trans(fair)s are possible:

  • Transfers from Airport, Ports to Hotels, and vice versa.
  • Individual transfers.
  • Transfers for groups of up to 8 persons.

Driven rental available:

  • Driven day trips.
  • Multi day transfers with a dedicated driver and guide.
  • Comfortable traveling in the chaos of heavy traffic.
  • Use our vehicle as your office while we drive safely.

Our vehicle comes to you:

  • Our vehicle comes to any of your locations in Tirana for free.
  • Our vehicle comes to any other address at a fee according to the distance.

“Fair Rent Albania” Fuel Policies:

  • You will take the vehicle and deliver it in full fuel.
  • Otherwise the charging for the absentee will be applied as well as a 10 euro service fee.

Additional services and equipment:

  • Portable navigator with favorite map – 10 euros/day.
  • Extra chair for children – 3 euros/day.
  • Snow chains – 3 euros/day.
  • Other on-demand equipment:

ˣ Bike holders, freight carriers are negotiable with “Fair Rent Albania” operators.

Necessary documentation for renting a vehicle:

  • Copy of passport or valid ID of the person who signs the contract.
  • Copy of the driving licenses of the person/persons who will drive the vehicle during the contracted period.
  • Valid credit card from which to store the required deposit.

ˣ The renter data will only be used by “Fair Rent Albania” to fulfill the terms of this rental agreement.

  1. I. P. Services
  • Optional vehicle and bodyguard service for various events and ceremonies.

ˣ This service is provided only upon customer’s special request and will be booked for a period of one month in advance.

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